Red Dog Guide

Red Dog is an online casino game that is slowly becoming popular at many online casinos and the game is more similar to the old fashion card game – Acey deucey. At other online casinos, the game is also known as Ace-Deuce, In Between or Yablon. The game is quite easy to play and it is based more on luck and playing the odds. However, players can master various strategies of how to win at Red Dog and players are able to enjoy the game direct on line via flash player or the download client.

Red Dog is a poker game that involves playing against the dealer and you make a bet before seeing your first two cards. After being dealt with your first two cards, you can opt to raise or bet for the third card and the Ace is always ranked as high down to 2 ranked as low. You lose your bet if the third card matches your first two cards. Alternatively, if the first two cards match and the third card is also a match you are given a payout of 11 to 1.

The first two cards dealt to a player on the table have three possible outcomes;– If two cards dealt and are of equal value, the third card is dealt and if it is of the same value you receive a payout of 11 to 1 against your total bet.– If the cards are sequential/consecutive number i.e. 2/3 or 4/5 etc. the hand is considered as a push and your bet is returned.– If neither of the above two situations occur, a spread is announced to determine the payout, a third card is dealt and the player can also double his or her bet before the third card is dealt. You are guaranteed a payout is the third card falls in between your first card and second card.

In this game, Red Dog makes use of 1 to 8 card decks and a cut card is used to mark when the shoe deck should be reshuffled and the houses advantage starts –off at 3.155% making use of a single deck. The house advantage increases gradually as more decks are used.

Its software delivers great graphics at which the entire table is in red color and shows your betting area as well as the dealer’s area. The game can be played by a max of 7 players depending on the size of the table. On the table, your betting area will show a section of the Bet and Raise. Just after the players betting area, you will see the spreads of 1 to 11 and their payout. The game is very easy to learn and in a short time you will be enjoying the game to the max.